Women's Rights - Play Hardball Literally!

If you're for women's rights, you need to do important things. Women need to quit playing softball immediately and start playing hardball.

Women are much more likely to make it to Major League Baseball (MLB) than they are the National Football League (NFL), where the biggest sports money of all is located, so why not go after that baseball money in the meantime?

Women softball pitchers are already throwing the softball 70 mph underhanded! It's much easier to throw a hardball fast than a softball, so major league baseball (MLB) may not be so far in the future for women.

Little boys can play hardball, but grown women can't play hardball?

Those of us who remember Iowa State girls' basketball remember that the girls had to play half court, because they were too delicate for full court. This went on way too long. ARE WOMEN STILL TOO DELICATE? NO. NEVER WERE.

Girls playing softball has gone on far too long. It's simple, all the college softball players need to start talking about women's rights. One day all the college softball players across the nation need to show up for practice with hardballs, and say look, from now on we're playing hardball. That would be one way to start anyway. Maybe it's not the smoothest way, but you get the idea. If the players are serious about women's rights, and equal pay for equal production, they're probably going to have to do it themselves one way or the other. Please think of a better way if you can.

Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees allegedly signed for $360 million. So, he might be making $40 million a year. Why don't female softball players switch to hardball and go after the pot of gold that is Major League Baseball (MLB)?

I've had this idea for many years, but I've been leery of posting it because of some unknown, probably ridiculous, fear of some kind of blowback. But it's time. It's time for women's rights to take another leap, this time at the big leagues.

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