President Donald J. Trump has been awarded "Free Speech Award" by BradMD

President Donald J. Trump has been awarded the ultimate Free Speech Award for the year, 2022, by BradMD.

President Trump is Free Speech. Under the phrase free speech in the dictionary, future editions should say President Donald J. Trump. 

President Trump exemplifies why the Founding Fathers (such as Thomas Jefferson and James Madison) of the United States of America specifically protected free speech in the First Amendment to the Constitution. Without free speech there is totalitarianism. Without free speech there is no freedom. 

President Trump exposed the "thought police" and the "deep state." When President Trump would tweet for example, we would constantly be told what President Trump thought as if We the People were unable to read and interpret what he wrote for ourselves. True statements would often be said to be false statements, racist statements, or against the public interest. 

True statements would often be undermined by the "hive mob." True statements would often be falsely suggested to mean something that was not actually said. President Trump's use of free speech to promote freedom inspired many to remember America's greatest philosopher, Ayn Rand (Atlas Shrugged), and America's greatest freedom economist, Milton Friedman. Trump is among America’s greatest philosophers and economists as well, because he got results despites mountains of hostility. President Trump has been America’s greatest president, surpassing Ronald Reagan, because Trump has an uncanny ability to get results.

President Trump has a Bachelor of Science degree in economics from the Wharton School (a private business school) at the University of Pennsylvania. President Trump laid out a plan that will cure inflation, which he will institute as president in 2024. President Trump has been the greatest president in history on economics, using "the multiplier" to great advantage. President Ronald Reagan was the only other president who had a degree in economics.

Looking back, we are reminded that the first American President, George Washington, played a pivotal role in the Bill of Rights containing the First Amendment to the Constitution.

But today, much of the mob cannot handle free speech. They were not taught the childhood adage: “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” Without logic and maturity, and the ability to debate without violence, the issues cannot be discussed, and the free marketplace of ideas cannot lead us to the best solution. Congratulations President Donald J. Trump! You are an American hero.

P.S. I do not usually support politicians, usually I only support policies. However, President Trump delivered results. Depsite all the sound of fury of everyone else telling us what he really thought (the thought police) and what he really meant, PRESIDENT TRUMP GOT GREAT RESULTS. Trump delivered great economics and price transparency in healthcare. Then, Trump was unjustly attacked. Therefore, I support President Donald J. Trump for president in 2024, because I want good results again. I want great jobs and prosperity for everyone. 

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