Help STOP the TORTURE of Acute and Chronic Pain Patients

Help acute and chronic pain patients. Evidence-based medicine and shared decision-making are not based on GUIDELINES. Guidelines are only opinions. We should not have totalitarian guidelines from only once source in healthcare. We should have multiple groups of physicians, and more importantly, individual physicians posting "Medical Opinions" with appropriate disclaimers, and the CDC and NIH and other public health groups should post their "Medical Opinions" not "Medical Guidelines."

In fact, for myself, I always try to track down the smartest doctor in the world for their opinion. That person is often Dr. John P.A. Ioannidis, M.D., DSc, for me, because he is the best mathematician-physician that I am currently aware of, although there are many others. The thing that separates great physicians from average physicians today is their ability to do medical statistics and logically interpret the medical literature without bias from any of the three main causes of bias: Academia, Government, or industry.

John Ioannidis, MD, Dsc, of course would not be the "best" physician for certain specific diseases, because many diseases would not be in his area of expertise. But you want to find a physician like him, who has great clinical experience, and medical statistics ability, for whatever disease you are investigating.

John Ioannidis, MD, Dsc, famously wrote, "Why Most Published Research Findings Are False" which is the most cited, or one of the most cited, medical essays in the world.

Back to acute and chronic pain patients! The guidelines out there are only the first step of evidence-based medicine. The other two steps are the clinical experience of the physician and the "values and preferences" of the patient, which also includes the experiences of the patient. Put the patient and the doctor back in charge of healthcare. Evidence-based medicine is based upon the doctor-patient relationship AND requires the "Values and Preferences" of the patient. Evidence-based medicine is based upon individual freedom, and so healthcare freedom is based on liberty.

Help Thomas F. Kline, MD, PhD, make medicine ethical again. Help Dr. Kline make doctors and patients, and shared decision-making powerful again. I am tired of the bureaucracy trampling patient rights. Help out by doing what Dr. Kline says in this video:

Link to Dr. Thomas Kline's YouTube Video:

The CDC should never publish "CDC Guidelines."

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) should never publish "CDC Guidelines." The CDC should only publish "CDC Opinions," which would recognize the fact that the CDC "experts" are not any better than many other groups of physicians or experts. There are many groups of experts, physician groups, and individuals with less bias than the CDC, from which you should also get your medical information. The same goes for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the World Health Organization (WHO). Most of all, everyone should want their medical advice from the smartest independent physician out there, the "smartest doctor in the world" on the subject. You should not want your final advice from a group subject to any kind of bias. The three main causes of bias in the medical literature are: 1) Academia 2) Government, and 3) Industry.

The Pledge of Allegiance to Freedom for Cuba - Cuba libre #SOSCuba

The Pledge of Allegiance to Freedom for Cuba:

I pledge allegiance to Freedom,

free will from God,

free thought,

free speech,

free press,

free enterprise, 

free markets, 

free trade,

freedom of assembly, and

freedom of opportunity.

Freedom is the purpose of the People of the World. 

With Freedom, good people can do GREAT things! 

With Freedom, we can be powerful and prosperous, happy and free, living in Liberty.

Raising the Minimum Wage is a HORRIBLE idea - lowering it is a great idea

Raising the minimum wage is a horrible idea. Lowering it to $5 or less to create hundreds of thousands of businesses is a great idea. Lowering the minimum wage would also creates millions of jobs and force wages to rise because of natural demand, instead of because of socialist policies. Young people could find starter jobs, poor people could find jobs, because soon there would 10 jobs for every person just waiting for you when you walk out your door. There would many more great jobs, because more managers would be needed to manage all the new workers as more of the population would enter the workforce. No politician has been able to speak up for this Economics 101 concept because our education system is so bad that people today don't realize that economics is chess not checkers. Economists Walter E. Williams, PhD, and economist Thomas Sowell, PhD, were against raising the minimum wage, and Dr. Williams wrote many essays on why the minimum wage is racist. The minimum wage is a racist, socialist, tool. Don't fall for it!

Rumble video, on the BAD IDEA OF RAISING THE MINIMUM WAGE is below using a basic link, frame link, and script link. I may get affiliate income from these, I am not sure, as I am new to using Rumble, but I went to Rumble for the free speech.

I am experimenting with placing a video in my blog using Rumble. I may get some sort of affilate incomes, I am not completely sure yet, but you have been warned!

The Prostatitis Syndromes (2nd Edition) May be Published in 2021

I am working on the second edition of The Prostatitis Syndromes. This is the cover of the 1st Edition, and I am announcing the 2nd Edition now, because the 1st Edition has been on sale by others, who I don't know, online for over $900 as a used book. That's way too expensive.
The Prostatitis Syndromes 2nd Edition probably won't be published until around April, 2021. The description of the upcoming The Prostatitis Syndromes 2nd Edition will probably be something like this: 

The Prostatitis Syndromes 2nd Edition has been written for the average man, because the book puts patients first.

Do you wake up at night to urinate? Dribble after urination? Urinate too many times per day? Have a slower urinary stream than before? Shy bladder? Pelvic pain? Do you have an elevated Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) level? Have you been told that you have prostatitis, chronic prostatitis, an enlarged prostate (BPH), infertility, or prostate cancer? Did your ability to urinate suddenly lock up (acute urinary retention)? Do you have sexual dysfunction? This book is for you! 

Men who have been “cured” of horrible prostate diseases are discussed extensively. The Prostatitis Syndromes 2nd Edition has also been updated with new medical breakthroughs. “BradMD” (Brad Hennenfent, M.D.) believes in explaining things simply, and has included many simple anatomy diagrams in The Prostatitis Syndromes 2nd Edition. Dr. Hennenfent likes the concept credited to Albert Einstein: “If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.” Thus, Dr. Hennenfent has gone out of his way to explain medical concepts as simply as possible for patients, doctors, nurses, and reporters. 

Dr. Hennenfent went to college at Northwestern University, medical school at the University of Illinois, and did his residency in Emergency Medicine at the University of Illinois Affiliated Hospitals Emergency Medicine Residency Program. He quickly rose to being director of a Chicago inner city Emergency Department. Dr. Hennenfent was a volunteer director for the non-profit Prostatitis Foundation from 1995 to 2013 (18 years), during which time he heard hundreds of patients’ stories. While volunteering, Dr. Hennenfent helped get over $20 million in funding released by the Federal Government to the National Institutes of Health for prostate-related research, and helped get about $100,000 in grants in kind or donations year after year. 

The Prostatitis Syndromes 2nd Edition contains hundreds of medical references. The first edition of The Prostatitis Syndromes may have been the best-selling prostatitis book of all time when it first came out, because it was the first book on the topic by an American physician, was on the Prostatitis Foundation’s website, which got over 1 million hits per year for most of its 25 years, with all proceeds from the book going to the non-profit. The Prostatitis Center used to buy the book and give a copy to every patient. 

Men need to better understand all the types of “prostate trouble.” Men need to know how to get treated without being harmed instead of being helped. Men literally used to be “ruined” by their prostate treatments and some are still being damaged. Finally, men need to know how to prevent prostate problems from occurring in the first place. 

The full title of this book will probably be: The Prostatitis Syndromes 2nd Edition: Prostatitis, Chronic Prostatitis, Pelvic Pain, BPH, Waking at Night to Urinate, Dribbling, Bashful Bladder, Sexual Dysfunction, and Preventing Prostate Cancer.

Dr. Hennenfent has written other books, because he likes education, science, medicine, healthcare, and homeschooling. Search Amazon and other booksellers for “BradMD” to find them: 

Surviving Prostate Cancer without Surgery (Once, a bestseller for Biblio Distribution) 
Uncles and Etymology 
Freedom is the Purpose of the People of the World 
The American’s Creed (co-author)

Healthcare Freedom and Healthcare Power go Together.

We must make patients more powerful in healthcare. Patients need healthcare freedom and healthcare power. Mandatory vaccines are unethical. Short 60 second video:


Uncles and Etymology

I love vocabulary and etymology. Read this book aloud to your children to teach them to love science, big words, and reading. “Uncles and Etymology” is a large font, 8.5” x 11”, black and white, illustrated, paperback kid’s book for preschoolers and homeschooling. 

You and your child will meet the Alligator Etymologist and the Green-Eyed Robot Doctor.

You and your child might become sesquipedalian! 

“Uncles and Etymology” teaches some important life lessons while being a heartwarming story about uncles and etymology. 

Sesquipedalian means user of big words. Add this book to your kids’ books to read out loud to them. Search Amazon for “BradMD” to find the book.

“BradMD” (Brad Hennenfent, M.D.) went to college at Northwestern University, medical school at the University of Illinois, and did his residency in Emergency Medicine at the University of Illinois Affiliated Hospitals Emergency Medicine Residency Program. They say you need to learn 30,000 new words to be a doctor.