Men and their Prostates

In my experience, men have no idea what is going on inside their prostates. Men suffer acute prostatitis symptoms and chronic BPH symptoms that slowly creep up on them with age. There is an astonishing lack of awareness, because men are not taught what they really need to know. The Prostatitis Syndromes 2nd Edition teaches men the inside information that is hidden from them. Read it before your prostate locks up and you can't urinate. 

Don't end up with chronic urinary symptoms, chronic pain, waking at night to urinate, dribbling after urination, an enlarged prostate, or living with a permanent catheter.

Ten Commandments Resurrection - MOVIE

Ten Commandments Resurrection, the movie, was inspired by a Near Death Experience (NDE). Ten Commandments Resurrection begins with an actress reading from the Ten Commandments in startling fashion. There is a visual metaphor for “going into the light.” The Book of Exodus begins with Moses attempting to lead the slaves, against many obstacles, to the Promised Land. Does Moses make it to the Promised Land? What were the lessons from “going into the light?” This movie is an adaptation of the 1923 public domain movie by Cecil B. DeMille. The once silent movie now has sound. Enjoy the 42-minute feature film!

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Healthcare Savings Accounts

Healthcare is broken. One way to fix healthcare would be Health Savings Accounts for everyone. HSAs would give patients all the power and control, and patients could take advantage of price transparency and treatment transparency in healthcare using the Internet. Because of the Internet, there has never been a better time for healthcare freedom and healthcare transparency. 
#HSAs4all #HSAsForAll

The Pledge of Allegiance to Freedom by BradMD

To have big FREEDOM, you need all the little freedoms. Set the moral foundation for freedom as early in life as possible for children with the book, The Pledge of Allegiance to Freedom

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Read The Pledge of Allegiance to Freedom out loud to preschoolers, and then let children learn to read it, and memorize it as an activity for freedom. The book is illustrated, with black and white line art, which also serves as a coloring book. The book has large, crayon-sized, font, so kids can learn the words.

The Pledge of Allegiance to Freedom

Reciting The Pledge of Allegiance to Freedom as a daily tradition is suitable for children and adults, because not only should people pledge allegiance to the flag of the USA, but people should pledge allegiance to freedom directly, because worldwide, under any flag, freedom is the goal.

The Pledge of Allegiance to Freedom lends itself to a mnemonic series of gestures to memorize the words, for example:

Hands to heaven for free will from God.

Point to the brain for free thought.

Throw kisses from the mouth for free speech.

Type in the air to indicate freedom of the press.

Activities: 1) Read aloud 2) learn to read 3) invent a mnemonic series of gestures for each freedom 4) color with crayons and 5) memorize The Pledge of Allegiance to Freedom.

Be thankful for all the good things freedom brings the world. Pre-school, kindergarten, early reading, and homeschooling should teach the joy of freedom. Freedom brings peace and the ability to pursue happiness.

Do The Pledge of Allegiance to Freedom every day, on the 4th of July in the USA, and for the Independence Day of every country.

Learn The Pledge of Allegiance to Freedom now, so you can teach the nuances of freedom as children get older. Raise children to understand that free markets and free speech go together to give us price transparency and product transparency. Free enterprise keeps raising the quality of life. Free trade began as trade between the states; however, free trade between countries must be “free and fair trade” for national security. Free trade works best when all governments promote freedom equally.

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BradMD (Brad Hennenfent, M.D.) went to college at Northwestern University, medical school at the University of Illinois, and did his residency in Emergency Medicine at the University of Illinois Affiliated Hospitals Emergency Medicine Residency Program.