What You Need to Know about Medical Treatments

You need to know the "net treatment benefit" for patients like you who have been treated in the past. You need evidence-based medicine + shared decision-making.

Crucial Decisions - Patients Need Help!

We have a big problem in healthcare! The inability to make Crucial Decisions using evidence-based medicine, patient-centered outcomes, and shared decision-making. Patients Need Help! We need to summarize medical treatments down to one number, the net treatment benefit for the patient.

The Patient-Centered Outcomes Research (PCORI) team wrote, “Every day, patients and their caregivers are faced with crucial health care decisions while lacking key information that they need.” PCORI also wrote that we need to translate “…existing scientific research into accessible and useable formats…” - PCORI.org

Universal Calculator - Treatment Scores

The video above explains the problem of shared decision-making. Everyone says they want shared decision-making, but no one can actually do evidence-based medicine with shared decision-making in a universal way, for all treatments, for all diseases. Thus, we created the Treatment Scores system to make the process transparent and visual. What is your illness? What is the list of treatments? And, what is the Treatment Score (the net treatment benefit) for each and every treatment?

Number Needed to Treat is the WRONG STATISTIC

The Number Needed to Treat is not the right statistic for patients and never has been. Patients need to know the "net treatment benefit."

Patients need to know the "net treatment benefit" for patients like them who have treated in the past as summarized from the existing medical literature, using evidence-based medicine guidelines and shared decision-making.