Help STOP the TORTURE of Acute and Chronic Pain Patients

Help acute and chronic pain patients. Evidence-based medicine and shared decision-making are not based on GUIDELINES. Guidelines are only opinions. We should not have totalitarian guidelines from only once source in healthcare. We should have multiple groups of physicians, and more importantly, individual physicians posting "Medical Opinions" with appropriate disclaimers, and the CDC and NIH and other public health groups should post their "Medical Opinions" not "Medical Guidelines."

In fact, for myself, I always try to track down the smartest doctor in the world for their opinion. That person is often Dr. John P.A. Ioannidis, M.D., DSc, for me, because he is the best mathematician-physician that I am currently aware of, although there are many others. The thing that separates great physicians from average physicians today is their ability to do medical statistics and logically interpret the medical literature without bias from any of the three main causes of bias: Academia, Government, or industry.

John Ioannidis, MD, Dsc, of course would not be the "best" physician for certain specific diseases, because many diseases would not be in his area of expertise. But you want to find a physician like him, who has great clinical experience, and medical statistics ability, for whatever disease you are investigating.

John Ioannidis, MD, Dsc, famously wrote, "Why Most Published Research Findings Are False" which is the most cited, or one of the most cited, medical essays in the world.

Back to acute and chronic pain patients! The guidelines out there are only the first step of evidence-based medicine. The other two steps are the clinical experience of the physician and the "values and preferences" of the patient, which also includes the experiences of the patient. Put the patient and the doctor back in charge of healthcare. Evidence-based medicine is based upon the doctor-patient relationship AND requires the "Values and Preferences" of the patient. Evidence-based medicine is based upon individual freedom, and so healthcare freedom is based on liberty.

Help Thomas F. Kline, MD, PhD, make medicine ethical again. Help Dr. Kline make doctors and patients, and shared decision-making powerful again. I am tired of the bureaucracy trampling patient rights. Help out by doing what Dr. Kline says in this video:

Link to Dr. Thomas Kline's YouTube Video: