Raising the Minimum Wage is a HORRIBLE idea - lowering it is a great idea

Raising the minimum wage is a horrible idea. Lowering it to $5 or less to create hundreds of thousands of businesses is a great idea. Lowering the minimum wage would also creates millions of jobs and force wages to rise because of natural demand, instead of because of socialist policies. Young people could find starter jobs, poor people could find jobs, because soon there would 10 jobs for every person just waiting for you when you walk out your door. There would many more great jobs, because more managers would be needed to manage all the new workers as more of the population would enter the workforce. No politician has been able to speak up for this Economics 101 concept because our education system is so bad that people today don't realize that economics is chess not checkers. Economists Walter E. Williams, PhD, and economist Thomas Sowell, PhD, were against raising the minimum wage, and Dr. Williams wrote many essays on why the minimum wage is racist. The minimum wage is a racist, socialist, tool. Don't fall for it!

Rumble video, on the BAD IDEA OF RAISING THE MINIMUM WAGE is below using a basic link, frame link, and script link. I may get affiliate income from these, I am not sure, as I am new to using Rumble, but I went to Rumble for the free speech.


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