Uncles and Etymology

I love vocabulary and etymology. Read this book aloud to your children to teach them to love science, big words, and reading. “Uncles and Etymology” is a large font, 8.5” x 11”, black and white, illustrated, paperback kid’s book for preschoolers and homeschooling. 

You and your child will meet the Alligator Etymologist and the Green-Eyed Robot Doctor.

You and your child might become sesquipedalian! 

“Uncles and Etymology” teaches some important life lessons while being a heartwarming story about uncles and etymology. 

Sesquipedalian means user of big words. Add this book to your kids’ books to read out loud to them. Search Amazon for “BradMD” to find the book.

“BradMD” (Brad Hennenfent, M.D.) went to college at Northwestern University, medical school at the University of Illinois, and did his residency in Emergency Medicine at the University of Illinois Affiliated Hospitals Emergency Medicine Residency Program. They say you need to learn 30,000 new words to be a doctor.

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