"Freedom is the Purpose of the People of the World" by BradMD

What is the purpose of your life? Answer: Freedom. You can help other people the most by helping them have Freedom and be free. That's Freedom with a capital "F." When people have Freedom, they are free to fix and improve things. They are free to make their own decisions and they are free to innovate.

When there is freedom, many GREAT things are possible. People who are free can live, work, and exchange voluntarily. I finally wrote and published a black and white, illustrated, children's book about Freedom and it is for sale at Amazon.com. It is meant to be a read-aloud-to-your-children book. The easiest way to find it is to search for "BradMD." I am not putting an actual link to the book here because of the rules and regulations about blogs and links, which I need to review. 

Please learn the Pledge of Allegiance to Freedom! Freedom should be the single concept that the entire world can agree upon and can rally around.

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