Coronavirus COVID-19 Treatment List

Below is a list of twelve hypothetical treatments for the coronavirus, COVID-19. I will try to update it periodically. Ask your doctor, what is the list of all possible treatments? What is the expected "net treatment benefit for me?" 

DISCLAIMER: These treatments may be 0% effective or even harmful. Talk to your doctor before undergoing any medical treatment. 

The first step in treating any disease is making a list of every potential treatment and reviewing them. Here's a hypothetical "working list" in no particular order:

  1. Convalescent plasma
  2. Vaccines in development
  3. Remdesiver
  4. Sofosbuvir
  5. Sofosbuvir + ribavirin
  6. Lopinavir, ritonavir, ribavirin + corticosteroids
  7. Interferon alfacon-1
  8. Ribaviron + corticosteroids
  9. hyroxychloroquine (Plaquenil) - malaria drug
  10. chloroquine - malaria medication
  11. Cold EEZE
  12. Sunlight & Fresh Air
I have no stake in any of these treatments. Why is Cold EEZE is on the list? Because even though it's somewhat of an alternative medicine, there are a surprising number of studies on zinc lozenges for the common cold in adults, and the common cold can be caused by a type of coronavirus. 

When you get sick with any diagnosis, you need a list of all possible treatments with the "net treatment benefit for the patient" figured out for each treatment. We are a long way from that, but when we have this type of "quantified transparency" in healthcare we will all be much better off. Put the patient first. Give patients complete transparency, both price transparency and treatment transparency. 

We need to use mathematics to quantify the benefit of our medical treatments in the patients that have been studied, and to quantify the uncertainty we have about such benefits. 

COVID-19 Summary

In an ideal world, you would talk to your physician, and if diagnosed with Covid-19, you would get a list of all possible treatments. You would also get an expected "net treatment benefit" for each of those treatments using mathematics, shared decision-making, and evidence-based medicine. 

You would literally ask:
  1. What are all the possible treatments?
  2. What is the net treatment benefit of each of those treatments for me?
Only your physician can answer these questions, because only they know all your medical conditions, and all your values and preferences. We need to use mathematics to calculate the expected "net treatment benefit" on the outcome scale most important to you, and any uncertainty needs to be expressed mathematically as well. Basically, you need a list of treatments with Treatment Scores that you can understand. This type of transparency needs to be decentralized to be between the practicing physician on the front lines and the patient, it should not be centralized and paternalistic. We need personalized and individualized medicine, not paternalistic or maternalistic medicine.  


Here are references that may or may not be scientific. And, that may or may not be from medical sources. These are also in random order.​ Again, I am just trying to come up with a list of every possible treatment from the medical literature, from the Internet, or from any other source. ​

Sunlight & Fresh Air from here:


There may be errors or omissions in the above essay. It may be out of date. Trade names and generic names may not be complete or accurate. This essay does not provide individual medical advice, but rather is for general informational purposes only. This essay does not replace your physician. See your own physician for all diagnosis and treatment. See your own physician before treating your children. This essay is not a medical study. This essay does not claim any scientific validity at all. Only your physician is aware of your medical history and your individual values and preferences. Do not rely on this essay in place of seeking professional medical advice for yourself or others. All liability is disclaimed. No warranties are given. No recommendations for treatment are being made. There is no doctor-patient relationship. This is informational only. Some things listed above may be harmful and may need to be removed from the list.

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