Holy Trinity of Medical Ethics for Physicians

Physicians have strayed far from medical ethics because of paternalism. There has been an information monopoly, because until the Internet, patients had almost no access to medical information. Because of the Internet things are changing. However, instead of the power going to patients, a new kind of paternalism has been occurring. Paternalism where instead of the "old gray-haired physician" telling you what to do, now some "uncaring third party" is telling you what to do.

All patients must band together to fight 3rd party paternalism. All patients, doctors, and nurses must work together to shift the power back to patients first, and then back to doctors and nurses (and other healthcare professionals). We must be every vigilant against the bias of these three powerful, often uncaring third parties, who often seek power over patients: Academia, Government, and Industry.

Holy Trinity of Ethics for Physicians:
  1. Thou shall put the patient first.
  2. Thou shall provide the patient with price transparency.
  3. Thou shall provide the patient with treatment transparency - understandable and "quantified" treatment transparency!
There has never been a better time in history for Healthcare Freedom! We all must fight for it. Patients need power and control over the money, and patients need transparency: price transparency and treatment transparency - that they can understand!

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