After Being Diagnosed with a Horrible Disease

After you are diagnosed with a disease, you need to ask three questions:

  1. What are the Treatments?
  2. What is the Treatment Score for each treatment?
  3. What does each treatment cost?

Healthcare should be this simple, but it isn't.

The problem for patients is that the medical literature is in a huge, dark, underground cavern containing over 29 million disorganized medical studies.

For patients, it’s difficult to get into the cave, and after getting down there the medical vocabulary is incomprehensible and the statistics are next to impossible.

Even the most highly skilled patient cannot overcome all these obstacles and the “avalanche of big data.”

Every once in a while, a physician, nurse, or health reporter enters the cave, shines a flashlight into the darkness, and comes out to properly explain a medical treatment to someone. Then, the cave goes dark again.

Treatment Scores goes into that huge dark cavern, wires it with electricity, and turns the lights on forever.

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