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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Ebola in Africa: Science and Treatment Transparency

You should have more power in healthcare. You should be free to choose your own treatments. In order to have "shared decision-making" so that you actually can share in making decisions with your physicians and nurses, you need to know the "science of medicine" behind your treatment options.

My physician friends and I have developed software to help you study the science of medicine behind medical treatments. Our tools will help you to create a list of treatments for a diagnosis, and then will help you to rate the science of medicine behind each treatment. We want to move these tools on to the web and on to mobile devices.

To get started doing treatment transparency, we have launched an IndieGoGo campaign and are asking for your support:
"Ebola in Africa: Science and Treatments"
Please watch the video this link takes you to!

You can help us create treatment transparency by sharing the link above on social networks or by donating $5 or more. Once we have worked on Ebola, we want to move on to other diseases like breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, pancreatic cancer, heart attacks, strokes, etc., and on to less deadly diseases like toenail fungus and lacerations. You name the disease or injury and we hope to be working on it soon.

The revolution in healthcare must start from the bottom up. Patients must get involved. How can we have patient-centered care if the patient doesn't have access to the facts? Did you know that one of the "popular" treatments for Ebola in Africa was proposed by a physician, but when we tracked down the medical literature on that treatment we found zero scientific evidence to support it? That's just wrong. That's NOT evidence-based medicine.

On the other hand, there seems to be a very important treatment for Ebola in the medical literature that not enough people know about. We must make a list of every possible treatment for Ebola and we must study the science of medicine behind all those treatments.

DISCLAIMERS: We are organizing and rating the science of medicine behind treatments, we are NOT rating the treatments themselves. These are two different things. We help you to review the medical literature and quantify the science of medicine behind treatments, but you cannot use this information to treat yourself or others. We make no claims about accuracy, in fact, we claim ZERO ACCURACY. We are an educational exercise only. You must see your own licensed medical professional for treatment. We are an educational exercise, not medical guidelines. We are looking at the past medical literature; we cannot predict how treatments will work for you or anyone else going forward into the future. Choosing a treatment also involves clinical experience, making the right diagnosis, and knowing all about someone after a medical history, physical examination, and testing. Our software system is not designed to know all these things. In addition, the medical literature can be wrong or biased. SO YOU MUST SEE your own physician or other qualified medical practitioner to help you choose a treatment or treatments.