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Monday, November 24, 2014

The Current Buzzwords in Health and Medicine

There are many recent and important buzzwords in health and medicine. Some of the many terms being bandied about are:

  1. patient engagement 
  2. shared decision-making 
  3. personalized medicine 
  4. patient empowerment 
  5. evidence-based medicine 
  6. science-based medicine 
  7. treatment transparency
  8. quality-based care

The top 15 health websites get 377 unique visitors per month, according to my calculations using Alexa, yet no one website totally dominates, because no one website has the technology to be far and away the best source of information to fulfill the concepts of these buzzwords. We have yet to fulfill the needs of patients, doctors, nurses, and all allied healthcare professionals - not to mention the needs of all the businesses and governments around the world.

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