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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Price Transparency in Healthcare

We desperately need price transparency in healthcare.

You should know the price of a pill before you swallow it.*
You should know the price of a test before you have it.
You should know the price of a procedure or operation before it is done to you.

The only way you can spend your money wisely, your insurance company's money wisely, or Medicaid or Medicare's money wisely, is if you know what things cost.

Knowing prices empowers patients to get more healthcare for their money. Below is a list of entities that have to do with price transparency in healthcare, or that are displaying prices.

Clear Health Costs

Compared Care


Fair Health

Free Market Medicine Association

Health in Reach

Healthcare Bluebook


Health Care Cost Institute (HCCI)

My Health My Price



Pricing Healthcare

Self Pay Patient LLC

Snap Health

Surgery Center of Oklahoma


Understanding Healthcare Prices: A Consumer Guide

Castlight Health

CPR Price Transparency

Costs of Care

*(The phrase "...the price of a pill before you swallow it..." first came from Dr. Steven Kagan as far as I am able to determine.)

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