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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Barack Obama is the Worst President in History

Obama lied to me eight times about healthcare reform being transparent and being on C-Span. That's right, he lied to you too. He lied about all good ideas being on the table and about his door always being open as well. When it comes to healthcare reform and economics, Obama is simply the Worst President in History.

Interestingly, the LEFT also thinks Obama is terrible as reported by Anthony Gregory, who I understand to be a Libertarian. I e-mailed Mr. Gregory and obtained permission to repost several paragraphs from his article: "Why the Left Fears Libertarianism" (, which are well written and start here:

"But Barack Obama is really what has made the left-liberal illusion fold under the weight of its own absurdity. Here we had the perfect paragon of left-liberal social democracy. He beat the centrist Hillary Clinton then won the national election. He had a Democratic Congress for two years. He had loads of political capital by virtue of following a completely failed and unpopular Republican administration. The world welcomed him. The center cheered him. And what did he do?

"He shoveled money toward corporate America, banks and car manufacturers. He championed the bailouts of the same Wall Street firms his very partisans blamed for the financial collapse. He picked the CEO of General Electric to oversee the unemployment problem. He appointed corporate state regulars for every major role in financial central planning. After guaranteeing a new era of transparency, he conducted all his regulatory business behind a shroud of unprecedented secrecy. He planned his health care scheme, the crown jewel of his domestic agenda, in league with the pharmaceutical and insurance industries.

"He continued the war in Iraq, even extending Bush’s schedule with a goal of staying longer than the last administration planned. He tripled the U.S. presence in Afghanistan then took over two years to announce the eventual drawdown to bring it back to only double the Bush presence. He widened the war in Pakistan, launching drone attacks at a dizzying pace. He started a war on false pretenses with Libya, shifting the goal posts and doing it all without Congressional approval. He bombed Yemen and lied about it.

"He enthusiastically signed on to warrantless wiretapping, renditioning, the Patriot Act, prison abuse, detention without trial, violations of habeas corpus, and disgustingly invasive airport security measures. He deported immigrants more than Bush did. He increased funding for the drug war in Mexico. He invoked the Espionage Act more than all previous presidents combined, tortured a whistleblower, and claimed the right to unilaterally kill any U.S. citizen on Earth without even a nod from Congress or a shrug from the courts." - Anthony Gregory

Please people, regain control over your own body and empower patients. Repeal ObamaCare. For the sake of our economy, stop ObamaNomics. And finally, repeal Obama.

Bradley Hennenfent, M.D.
physician & economist

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