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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Make Politicians Pay for the National Debt

Neither Republicans nor Democrats have been able to stop runaway government spending; therefore, WE THE PEOPLE must do it.

How? By making politicians pay - not only at the ballot box, but also with their own money.

It's a bit of a fantasy, and a little bit crazy, but wouldn't it be nice if made politicians sign a pledge called “The Politician’s Pledge to Stop Runaway Spending,” which goes like this:

I [John Q politician] pledge that my congressional salary, benefits, and pension shall decrease 7% per year for every year that the national debt is not resolved. I shall also donate 7% per year of my net worth to the National Debt. Furthermore, after I pay my taxes, I will donate [50 - 100%] of my outside-of-congress income to paying off the national debt, and for three years after leaving Congress, I shall do the same. All my staff shall live by the same guidelines. I recognize that the purpose of this pledge is to keep me from enriching myself in congress while the country goes broke. Therefore my congressional service shall not result in any relative, company, surrogate, or associate of mine making money from my service in Congress. I will work for the people only.

Signature: ____________________
Name: John Q politician
Date: ________________________

Politicians must feel the pain they are causing us. The National Debt is nearly 14 trillion dollars. Each citizen owes nearly $45,000, and each taxpayer owes nearly $125,000, because politicians keep recklessly spending our money. Amazingly, politicians have spent all our money, all the kids’ money, and all the grandkids’ money. This will ruin our standard of living for decades.

Not only would I make politicians sign this pledge, I would insist that they make it a law.

Imagine if all the members of congress had been forced to sign such a pledge. According to the website, the total net worth of congress is $3,750,403,958 - that’s nearly 4 billion dollars. This pledge would thus bring in $2,625,282 a year from their net worth alone.

There are 535 members of congress making $174,000 plus per year, or a total yearly congressional income of $93,090,000. Seven percent of that is $6,516,300 – another 6 to 7 million dollars for the National Debt.

Guess what? If they felt it in their pocket books, instead of just taking money from us, they would get things done, and fast.

The National Debt is not our fault. The average American balances their checkbook. This problem is entirely due to politicians. In 44 of the last 50 years – 88% of the time - congress has spent more than it has taken in.

We must make congress feel our pain because right now they are oblivious.

The Federal Debt is going to be our “Federal Death.” Drastic measures must be taken now to set our country back on a course to prosperity.

Budget Deficit Disorder is a real syndrome. We must treat the members of congress who suffer from this mental disorder with the harshest possible medicine.

We must light a fire under congress and their staff before we go from Superpower to "Super-Broke." Politicians must feel the pain as much as we do or they will never act.

Let's say to congress, “Cut the debt or we cut your income and assets.”

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