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Friday, February 12, 2010

Health Care Reform is Easy: Empower Patients

Health Care Reform is easy. When you take power away from patients they die. I've seen it my entire career. Simply empower patients instead of third parties and you will be doing the right thing when it comes to health care reform. Stop keeping secrets from patients. Remember the scams: inflated prices, unnecessary hysterectomies, vaccine side effects, the Tuskegee Experiment, lobotomies, Insurance denials, and Medicare denials?

All of these things happen when power is taken away from patients.

Please take a look at my health care reform plan. Two-hundred-forty-three people have signed up on as of today to redistribute my plan to their friends and politicians. It is a non-partisan plan that both Democrats and Republicans should be able to agree upon, because it empowers patients, not third parties. It's also simple.

You can also see the latest version of the plan here:

- Bradley Hennenfent, M.D., physician and economist

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