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Friday, January 22, 2010

A Physician in Hitler's Germany by Klas D. Romberg, M.D.

The following is by by Klas D. Romberg, M.D.

A Physician in Hitler's Germany by Klas D. Romberg, M.D.

Growing up in Hitler's Germany and experiencing first hand the total collapse and bankruptcy of an ideology and its evil machinery I embraced at an early age the principles of Freedom and Inalienable Rights.

I studied medicine and found that German physicians practicing under the banner of high flying slogans and mystic incantations to the contrary were nothing but bureaucrats serving another dictatorial master, the oldest system of state-run Socialized Medicine in the world.

I escaped this system as a young physician and immigrated to the United States. Here I found a country with a lesser degree of Government infringement on the Rights of Man and his Pursuit of Happiness in his chosen path through life.

Knowing personally how precious these Rights are as expressed in the Declaration of Independence I have watched with great concern throughout my medical career the relentless attacks by the Government and its Representatives on Physicians as if the Declaration of Independence does not apply to them.

If the present President and Congress get their way, the last remnants of Freedom and Inalienable Rights will be extinguished in America with the establishment of a Nazi-like tyranny and dictatorship. - The enslavement of a small minority, the physician, will have tragic consequences not just for physicians, but for all who need their knowledge and dedication to the principles of excellence at some critical point in their lives. -

Although I have always held true to the ideas of Freedom and the Rights of Man by implication, the moral foundation of these Rights as discovered facts and as the requirement for life on earth became clear to me only through my discovery of Ayn Rand's writings. Had Ayn Rand lived among the Founding Fathers, America today would be immune to the takeover by the forces of evil that are undermining the Foundations of this country.

by Klas D. Romberg, M.D.

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